Kroks Technologies LLP Delivering Tracking, Monitoring And Reporting Solutions With Real-Time Capabilities

Ashith Kunder and Ashwin Kunder, Co-Founders

Ashith Kunder and Ashwin Kunder, Co-FoundersToday’s current situation where security and information are becoming an utmost concern, Track, Monitoring and Reporting solutions are not just an add-on benefit but have become a necessity. The solutions can be beneficial for organizations with a field sales force that interact with dealers, distributors and retailers in managing people and getting visibility of sales & stock across the supply chain. Furthermore, it can be very useful for children’s security, as safe and effective transportation of students has become a major concern for both school management and the parents.

Understanding the current situation and rising to the occasion with their robust solutions, Kroks Technologies LLP has been providing technological solutions with Vehicle Tracking and Track and Monitoring capabilities. “We are purely a solutions company providing end to end tracking, monitoring and reporting solutions which are based on our ability to clearly understand the customers’ needs. Our hardware products are durable and time tested and some of our devices have been in the market effectively in use for more than 10 years. Our service back-ups have been the most striking feature. While, the ability to reach the client with a definite and cost-effective solution is the key factor in our endeavor,” highlights Ashith Kunder, Founder and Director, Kroks Technologies LLP.

“We are purely a solutions company providing end to end tracking, monitoring and reporting solutions which are based on our ability to clearly understand the customers’ needs”

Securing Parents And School Management With Student’s Safety

As children’s safety concerns are one of the most important priorities for both parents and the school management, Kroks Technologies has just the solution which befits the scenario. The company provides TOB (Track Onboard) for Schools - A user-friendly and cost-effective tab-based bus attendance solution which helps the bus attendant to mark the child as Boarded/Alighted at the designated location in real time. Further, the location and time punch of the child’s activity of boarding/alighting is sent through a notification to parents in real-time. Even the day-to-day report of the activity is recorded in the backend for future reference.

Real-time Field Monitoring System

The company also provides SAAS-based application – OnTimeCheck(OTC) – Field Reporting Solution, which enables data of the sales activity to be reported to the backend in real-time. It has been especially built to enhance productivity of an organization, or more to say a multi-utility app which caters to the requirements of clients from various verticals. There are three different versions of this app - The basic version is targeted at the SME segment and partners who require a simple, cost-effective system. The Pro version is a form-based version wherein the clients’ DSR and other aspects can be customized. It also comes with dropdown menu options wherein the data can be picked up either from the backend or can be integrated to their CRM. The third version is called Reccon which can be leveraged by companies for in-store branding activity through their executives. And, the main advantage is that, it brings down the lead time by almost 60 to 70 percent, thereby helping in getting more business and maximizing the productive time of their frontline sales force and optimize on their conveyance outflow. Their latest version has the capabilities of reporting of the distance travelled in the day by the executives with their complete route plotted on the map. This version boasts of bringing the costs down incurred with regards to conveyance to as low as 50% or more. A clear winner in terms of optimization of the resources spent.

Efficient Attendance System for Schools and Colleges

At present the costs involved for the hardware, the ruggedness of the product, the usability, backend reports, and the operational costs are too high in the existing card-based, biometric and face-based attendance system, Kroks Technologies understanding this situation provides relatively cost-effective solution - OTCSchool/ College Attendance System- which is an end-to-end attendance solution. The attendance is only marked if the students are physically seen in the class, thereby, eliminating any chances of proxy attendance. Similarly, lecture-wise attendance is also notified in real-time to the parents via an app. The tablet can also be configured to any class and can not only be used for normal attendance of the teachers and students, but it also manages attendance for practical, combined lectures for optional subject, time calculations of each lecture. And to top it all, the backend can be integrated with the MIS of the institution and any statutory reports can be created and downloaded.