IndTrack: Delivering Efficient and Reliable Tracking Solutions

CIO Vendor Today’s world has been bombarded with new technologies which are significantly changing every industrial domain. In the field of vehicle tracking, the adoption of technology is driven by either compliance mandate or need for efficiency. While compliance requirement has given a boost to sale of GPS devices manufactured by OEMs, bringing efficiency in vehicle tracking has emerged as the larger motivation giving a fillip to development of more reliable and efficient vehicle tracking solutions.

Clearly understanding the current situation and focusing solely on providing GPS/GIS Tracking Solution and Consultation, IndTrack has an experienced team which designs and develops any level of tracking solution for a range of industries with scalability. The company provides reliable GPS fleet management solutions through a combination of world class backend platform, best in class GIS maps and engine, and most reliable GPS hardware available in the market today.

“With the motto of ‘Better Solution in Best Pricing’, we provide third party customized tracking solutions and direct solutions from individual clients, organizations to some of the Government departments,” highlights Sheetal Sahare, MD at IndTrack.

An Efficient and Reliable Team of Experts
Focused on providing high end technology solutions to real-life situations, with a strong mix of people from various streams like Wireless technology, Software development, Logistics management Security and Governmental domains, IndTrack believes in delivering right solutions to the customer, implemented as per partners’ requirements and with continuous support to improve the performance of the solutions. They also have a strong local support team to customize software/ hardware to provide maximum utility to the partner. “With minimal leakages or flaws, our internal testing team thoroughly checks the solutions before sending it to the prominent testing agency,” adds Sheetal Sahare.
IndTrack’s experienced team goes the extra mile in understanding their partners with more accessible and supportive approach for the set goal from the get go. They have been using the best open source platform to design and implement multilevel secured solutions which get tested by authorized testing agencies. “In my early age, I developed and designed transport management solutions and interlinked different branches of a transport company on dial up internet connection. Such exposure gave me strength to envision technical advancement in real time tracking of fleet movement. My experience linked me with good key operational people and I got a good understating of trucking operation and gained in-depth knowledge of mining and managing data. All of this helped me create a good team,” says Sheetal.

Focusing solely on providing GPS/GIS Tracking Solution and Consultation, IndTrack has an experienced team which designs and develops any level of tracking solution for a range of industries with scalability

High end and highly configurable reporting engine, customized reports and alerts, hierarchy wise reporting and facility to sending critical alerts role wise to people in organization either by mail or SMS are some of the distinctive benefits that IndTrack provides through its solutions. Moreover, as AIS 140 Standard GPS Tracker has been made mandatory in India for goods and commercial vehicles with national permit, IndTrack provides the same in an affordable price.

“We will be launching an Android-based free mobile app for individuals, which can track their journey using smartphone GPS with same functionality like vehicle tracking device to work online and offline,” concludes Sheetal Sahare.