InspectWAY: Delivering One Stop Solution for Connected Vehicles

CIO Vendor As new-age technology and infrastructure with growing mobile workforce is constantly changing the world that we are living in, it is also making relatively new concept of vehicle tracking popular in India. Vehicle Telematics has made way for a new age of connected cars which will reshape the future of global automotive industry and will ensure transparency in business by delivering necessary evidence in any case of litigation. Moreover, as India has an abysmal record in road accidents due to drivers’ faulty practices as well as unpredictable vehicle mishaps, Vehicle Telematics will relatively play a huge role in mitigating it.

In line with the AIS140 protocol and perfectly understanding the current challenges and need of the hour, InspectWAY developed by IOanyT Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a connected vehicle solution which provides complete information about vehicle’s health, driver’s score based on the driving pattern, live tracking and various other features that give meaningful insights to monitor and optimize performance on all fronts by leveraging GPRS and LORA technology, RFID & Camera integrations, instant geofence, route-fencing tagging and unmatched live playback. Also, to top it all, it provides role based dashboards and alerts to admin users with mobility support on both iOS and Android platform.

“We have built a robust platform with a completely modular approach which enables us to quickly adapt our solution to any of such needs and customize it according to our client’s requirements,” highlights Nitin Goel, Co-founder & CEO, IOanyT Innovations.

Some of the sectors where InspectWAY has the potential to bring noteworthy change:

Insurance - With its impactful features in terms of safety, driver pattern, vehicle health and accident proof, InspectWAY has created a traceable, accountable and productive mechanism for Insurance Companies. These companies can create a differential premium based upon the drivers’ credit score by diving into driving pattern and tracing back instance of accidents in terms of claims etc.
Fleet Management - With a range of features from location alert, distance accuracy, SOS notifications, and immobilizer, to analytics reports and ignition report, InspectWAY strives to provide quality service to Fleet Managers to maintain a loyal and long-term relationship with their clients. Their main aim behind the service is to offer affordable automated fleet management solutions to ensure better safety and improved time management.

Our methodology of working on 6C’s for any solution makes us a uniquely placed Custom IoT and software services provider with capability to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy a tailored solution for specific requirements

School and Employee Bus Management - InspectWay is providing school bus tracking solutions for various schools in various cities since 2018. For the security of students/ employees, the company offers diverse safety features and integrations such as route-geo fencing, attendance through RFID tagging, live tracking, pick & drop (ETA) notifications and surveillance cameras.

On-Road Assistance firms - InspectWAY provides very crucial information for Roadside Assistance companies such as live location and predictive alerts, which allows these companies to assist or warn their customers in real-time.

Railways - The company also designs and develops its solutions with the capability to track train in the locomotive. It is a sustainable solution, where GPS tracking devices would communicate using satellite communications.

Vehicle Manufacturers - Their solutions can also assist vehicle manufactures in proactive diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Also, they are in advance discussions with several vehicle manufacturers, EV manufacturers, two-wheeler manufacturers, E-rickshaw manufacturers to provide solutions for their future products.